Sapphire Jewelry Vs Tanzanite Jewelry

Comparing two different kinds of jewelry is a tough job that too when we are talking about gemstones. Since the most fascinating aspect of gemstones is the fact that each of them differs from the other in color, look, and composition it becomes even tougher as each one is a unique beauty in its own right. So when it comes to distinguishing between sapphire jewelry and tanzanite jewelry one can’t help but elaborate on the respective qualities of the stones to point out their traits but not to rate either one above the other. For, like we said earlier, each gemstone is distinctly beautiful and hence alluring.

So when we mention sapphire jewelry what instantly comes to mind is a fine array of the most fascinating and beautiful blue stone. So much has been said in praise of sapphires but the best way to describe these beauties would be to call them ‘the gemstone of the heavens’. It is but true that the lovely blue hue of sapphires indeed bears a heavenly beauty that makes these stones so irresistible. Add to that a hardness which is only next to diamonds. Sapphires are indeed one of the rare gemstones that not only exude a stunning color but also bear qualities that give them an edge over other counterparts.

Sapphires when transformed into jewelry lead to some breathtaking pieces. Irrespective of whether it is sapphire rings, sapphire earrings, sapphire pendants or sapphire necklaces, each variety of sapphire jewelry is truly unique. Besides, the durable quality of sapphire also makes these charming gemstones ideal for jewelry.

Tanzanite on the other hand is the most recent entrant in the family of gemstones. As beautiful as they are rare, it is only in Tanzania in Africa that these immensely beautiful stones are found. The warm violet color of tanzanites is fast gaining popularity from across the globe. The most desirable color of tanzanites is the velvety clear violet that is so tempting especially when set in jewelry.

Tanzanite jewelry looks stunning in every form, from tanzanite rings, tanzanite earrings, tanzanite pendants to tanzanite necklaces and tanzanite bracelets. Like many other gemstones including sapphires, taznaite engagement rings are also soon catching up on the popularity chart.

The difference between sapphire jewelry and tanzanite jewelry are numerous as the two are distinctly varied gemstones. But one thing that is common between the two is the lustrous color and immense beauty which respectively makes them both so desirable.

Source by Jennifer Citrine

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