Get to Know: Supriya Lele

A look from spring 2020. 
Jamie Hawkesworth

Sensual yet playful are the moods that Supriya Lele’s eponymous label exudes. The young designer’s brand is a reflection of her Indian and British heritage, with a twist on minimalism. Her sheer colorful silhouettes drape around the body while accentuating curves in an aesthetic vision Lele describes as “sensual, cerebral, modern.” Along with the sheer mesh twist-out fabrics, Lele has layered bold black leathers into recent collections.

Portrait by Will Grundy 
Will Grundy

The designer has a positive outlook regarding change related to the pandemic. Moving forward, she hopes to pursue alternatives that will best amplify her vision in the ever-evolving digital world. “I feel it’s always incredibly important to pursue creative and alternative approaches to exhibiting work, and for myself, moving into a more digital sphere will only enable me to push myself into newer territories to communicate my vision,” she said when asked about adapting to a changing fashion calendar. “Ultimately, I think this is a really exciting way to work.”

A look from spring 2020. 
Jamie Hawkesworth

As for the future, Lele had this advice for herself: “Sustainable and steady growth would be the best advice I could give myself for future progression, and also being as fluid

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