How to Wear a Shawl As a Head Scarf

Using a shawl as a head scarf! One of the most unique ways of wearing a shawl is on the head as a scarf cover. It gives a casual yet elegant appearance without being too difficult to accomplish. The versatility of shawls as head coverings is a good reason as to why they are quite popular. Depending on the print and how it is tied, the shawl can fit into various trends. Pick a floral or daintily printed material and it can appear quite feminine. On the other hand, a bold print fits quite well with the bohemian style.

If you are wondering how to wear it… the first thing that you need to do is gather the materials necessary. The good news is that there is only one basic thing that is needed: the shawl itself. Other materials such as a ponytail holder or clips are only needed if you feel that you need extra assistance in keeping your hair in place.

Pick a quality shawl which measures at least 36 inches by 60 inches. Otherwise, it may not be enough to cover the head sufficiently. Another consideration aside from size is the material itself. If you are planning to use it, pick one that is made out of a non-slippery fabric. That way, it is easy for it to stay put on the head. If you choose materials such as satin or silk, you may have to spend a lot of time adjusting and retying it because it keeps on moving.

There are two basic ways on how to wear these:

1. The first is called the ponytail tie, which as the name suggests emphasizes the hair. This style works best on those with long hair. To begin, pull the hair back into a ponytail above the base of the skull. Take the scarf and fold it to make a long, thin strip. To do this, take the fabric and fold it along lengthwise repeatedly to create a two to three inch band. Take the shawl and position it across your forehead. Make sure that that the ends fall down in equal lengths to make it easier to tie. Wrap the scarf around the ponytail and tie a knot to secure the scarf into place.

2. If you sport a shorter haircut, a variation of this tying method is to use the shawl to pull the hair back. Follow the preceding steps but instead of knotting it around the ponytail, create a knot at the back of your head, just above the base of the skull. The ponytail tie is an easy method on how to wear a shawl as a head covering. Once you have gained enough confidence, you can try a more complicated version called the twist tie. It is similar to the ponytail tie in that it also wraps around the head. The difference is that that it involves twisting the shawl.

To use the twist tie as a means of covering the head with a shawl, place the chosen garment around your head in a lengthwise manner. Make sure that the top portion of the fabric covers the top of your forehead. Take the ends and twist them to create a rope-like design and make a knot at the back of your head.

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