Yuima Nakazato Offers Made-to-Order Garments Virtually

Yuima Nakazato will today launch an online made-to-order program called Face to Face. The program allows customers to have a made-to-order garment without physically going out shopping via Nakazato’s web site at store.yuimanakazato.com.
The project enables the designer and client to cocreate a one-of-a-kind garment. The client will ship a white shirt of her or his own to Nakazato’s atelier in Tokyo. Nakazato himself will then communicate with the client online to reimagine it, redesign, and return it to them as a completely new garment.
When the garment is complete, Nakazato will publish it online with the client as the model.
Nakazato is offering this service in limited numbers, at no cost to the client.
An avant-garde designer, Nakazato is known for his experimental collections and challenging the way one thinks of clothing by creating revolutionary new fabrics from unusual sources.
“In this time of uncertainty, and with the world entering into an entirely unknown era, I kept asking myself what we, as a fashion brand, can do for our society,” said Nakazato, chief executive officer and creative director. “I have come to the conclusion that we should start delivering one-of-a-kind garments to people around the world in a new way.”
“To me, the essence of couture

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